A funny joke

Some people will ask,’What kind of data analysis is best?’ The ‘big data’? The ‘small data’? or ‘structured data’?

Honestly, I still can’t answer this question.

But I will ask another question ‘The black cat is better or the white cat?’

You might say ‘It depends the criteria on judging the cat’.

Yes. If we want to select the cute cat, it doesn’t matter the cat color is. But if the criteria is how good the cat is on catching the rats?

Now we can answer the first question about data

The ablility of catching rats

Why do we need to do data analysis?

Everyone should ask this question before doing data analysis.

The students in uni may said’It is the assignment of the course’. Ok it is fine.

When we start work, is this the task of boss or our customer? They are not important at all!

The key value of data analysis is create value.

In the real life, the purpose of data analysis is quite simple- to create value. This is also the ability of catching rats in data analysis.

Now let’s go back to the cat problem. If a cat is good at catching rats, will you really care it is balck or white? Will you care that he insists that his name is ‘small white’ while he is a whole black cat? I don’t think you will.

What does this mean? This shows that on the one hand we are born in the great era when this data is highly valued. On the other hand, we have been obsessed with some very vocabulary words and discussed some very exaggerated topics. This is not my personal belief.

We insist on data to create value. Under this premise, do what you need to do, don’t care what the name is. This is what I thought about data analysis.

Key value of data analysis

Yes, this is thought about data analysis. Therefore, in my world, there is no obsession with big data, no obsession with small data, no obsession with structured data, and no obsession with unstructured data. There are no statistical obsessions and no non-statistical obsessions. There is no obsession with artificial intelligence, no obsession with blockchain.

I am only attached to one thing. That is the infinite awe of the business, the passionate pursuit of the scene where data analysis can create value, and the firm belief in the idea of creating value in business scenarios.

Yes, this is my opinion about data. I can’t guarantee that it is absolutely correct. On the contrary, there may be a lot of delays. However, I hope to share it with you.

I became more and more aware that there is no knowledge in the world, and any point of view can be absolutely correct. On the road to exploring the unknown, the only thing that is absolutely correct is the infinite curiosity about the world, as well as independent and prudent thinking.