Dingrui Zhang

Data Analyst.

Contact Information

Work Email: frank@dingruizhang.me;
Homepage: https://dingruizhang.me;


  • 2017 ~ 2019, Master of Accounting, School of Business, University of New South Wales ,Australia; WAM: 73.3/100
  • 2013 ~ 2017, Bachelor of Accounting, School of Accounting, Hebei University of Economics and Business,China; WAM: 80/100

Working Experience

2020-01 ~ Present
Sydney, Australia
Consultant, Data Analytics
PwC Australia

2019-08 ~ 2019-12 (4 months)
Sydney, Australia
The University of Sydney

2018-12 ~ 2019-09 (10 months)
Sydney, Australia
Data Analyst Intern
Travelzoo (Australia) PTY Ltd

  • Developed an automated program (web scraper) that identifies and stores the marketing data in database to produce the desired reports.

  • Developed multiple macros and R scripts to collect information from multiple sources(ERP, Excel, Text …), analyse data and generate report automatically.Saved more than 50% time.

  • Collected and maintained history operation database and built up weekly operation report for the whole APAC(Asia Pacific) area.

  • Provided operations support for APAC Team, for example: overseas collection deal price point conversion.

  • Handled ad-hoc report requirements from APAC team.

2017-08 ~ 2018-09 (1 year and 1 month)
Sydney, Australia
Junior Financial Analyst
UBI Logistics (Australia) Pty Ltd

  • Developed a billing system based on VBA and R which supports generating billing statements, email automation and aging analysis. This system significantly freed people from heavy and routine manual work, reduced 2 FTE (Full-time equivalent) and improved collecting accounts receivable.

  • Developed a procedure to analyse data, identify discrepancies and design reporting mechanism, which allow on-time and accurate measure of the company performance. This procedure is still utilised and has been able to recover more than 120,000 AUD in the past 1 year, which otherwise would be lost because of the information inaccuracy.

  • Built and maintained a MySQL finance database which helps finance department find discrepancies between forecast and real-time data, also responsible for designing data tables, managing permissions and setting up backups.

  • Worked as a consultant with a team of 5 co-workers from both China and Australia to establish an online invoicing system and successfully co-ordinated the project between finance and IT team.

  • Assisted both finance and operation teams to develop cost-efficient and high-performance technical solutions to automate heavy routine jobs and finish ad-hoc projects. As a result, many routine reporting jobs are now fully done by computers automatically and more than 50% time are saved.

2016-12 ~ 2017-2 (3 months)
Suzhou, China
Assistant Accountant
Suzhou SiFO Smart Automation Inc.

  • Undertook aging analysis as well as forecast of accounts receivable
  • Successfully worked with a team of accountants to complete consolidated financial statements
  • Controlled process for accounts payable (especially for purchases) from approving purchases, through checking invoice and goods-in form, to record in accounting software
  • Wrote macros on co-workers’ request, resulting in saving of 15% time with regard to routine and manually works.

Professional Development

  • CFA Level 1 Passed with top 10% among global candidates
  • Mutiple data analytics courses accomplished in Datacamp (Examples)


  • Excel(including VBA/Macro)
  • R
  • Python
  • MySQL